How to Cancel Galileo PNR – Galileo Cancel PNR

How to Cancel Galileo PNR: There are a few points to remember regarding canceling segments. Any flight or flights that you sell directly after you cancel a segment automatically replace the canceled segment. This continues until you display the Booking File (*R) and Galileo renumbers the segments in the itinerary. This can be important when you cancel a
flight in the middle of an itinerary.

How to Cancel Galileo PNR

The function identifier to cancel flights is: X

To cancel a segment, enter the function identifier followed by the segment number. Example entry: X1

Galileo responds with NEXT REPLACES 1 in the Booking File.

Note: NEXT REPLACES 1 means that the next segment you sell becomes segment
number 1.

Galileo Quick Reference Guide | Galileo GDS Commands

To cancel an entire itinerary, enter the function identifier followed by the letter I.

Example entry: XI

Galileo responds with ITINERARY CANCELLED in the Booking File.

Cancelling and Rebooking

In Galileo, you can cancel and rebook a flight in a single entry. The following table
lists the most frequently used entries

To cancel:Use this format:
Segment 1 and rebook in a different class of
Segment 2 and rebook same flight for a
different date
Segments 1 and 2 and rebook same flights for a different date.@1-2/24JUN
Air segments onlyXA

It is also possible to change the number of seats booked when creating a Booking File. Using the Entry @1/2 change segment 1 to 2 seats, or @A/3 change all segments to 3 seats.

This entry must be performed prior to ending the booking.

Example Entry: @1/2

Note: This function is not available with all airlines and you may receive an error

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