Galileo Encode and Decode Commands

Galileo Encode and Decode Commands: You probably will memorize the codes that you use regularly. Others you may need to encode or decode.

You can use Galileo to encode and decode airlines, cities and airports (including
some cities that have more than one airport associated with them).

Galileo Encode and Decode Commands

Encode: Convert a name to its assigned code and display additional information.

Decode: Convert assigned code to its name and display additional information.

Encoding Airlines

You may need to know the code of an airline that you do not book very often.
Encoding an airline provides you with the airline code and its BSP/IATA number.

To encode an airline name, enter .AE followed by the airline name

Example entry: .AE QANTAS

Example screen response:

Note: Spaces are optional, for example .AEBRITISHAIRWAYS will return the same

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Similar Titles List

If the airline name used in an encode format is either misspelled or is one that
Galileo does not recognize, a Similar Titles list appears. The list includes names that
are similar to what was requested in the format.

Example entry: .AE QUANTAS

A Similar Titles list appears.

Decoding Airlines

You may see an airline code in Galileo that you do not recognize. Decoding an
airline provides you with the airline name and BSP code

To decode an airline code, type .AD followed by the airline code.

Example entry: .AD AC

The following Air Canada information screens appear.

Encoding Cities and Airports

You use city and airport codes to display availability in Galileo. Like airline codes,
you know the codes for cities and airports to which your customers frequently
travel. However, you may not always remember those city and airport codes that
are infrequently used. Galileo can help you encode the city or airport name for
displaying availability.

To determine the three-letter code for a city or airport, enter .CE followed by the
city or airport name.

Example entry: .CEROME

The M indicates that Rome, Italy is a multi-Airport city.

Similar City Names List

If you misspell the city name used in an encode format or it matches more than one
city name, a Similar Titles List appears. The list contains names that are similar to
the original format request.

Example entry: .CEABERDEN

ABERDEN is spelt incorrectly therefore you get the response “ABERDEN not in

Decoding Cities and Airports

You may see a city or airport code that you do not recognize. Alternatively, perhaps
you need information regarding a city, such as driving directions to the airport or the
airport’s distance from the city’s downtown area. Decoding a city or airport
provides you with the airport name and additional information.

To determine which city or airport is represented by the code YWG, enter .CD
followed by the city code.

Example entry: .CDYWG

A screen with information for Winnipeg, Manitoba, appears. This includes the
airport code, railway station code and country name.

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