Wheelchair SSR Codes – Wheelchair Assistance SSR Codes

Wheelchair SSR Code – The following SSR codes relate specifically to assistance offered to passengers with reduced mobility. These codes are used by the majority of airlines, but some foreign carriers may utilize a different format.

SSR CodeDescription
WCHRWheelchair assistance required; passenger can walk short distance up or down stairs.
WCHSWheelchair assistance required; passenger can walk short distance, but not up or down stairs.
WCHCWheelchair required; passenger cannot walk any distance and will require the aisle chair to board.
WCOBOn-board aisle wheelchair requested (for use during flight).
WCMPPassenger is traveling with a manual wheelchair.
WCBDPassenger is traveling with a dry cell battery-powered wheelchair.
WCBWPassenger is traveling with a wet cell battery-powered wheelchair.

Some airlines may have special ancillary codes listed in their airline information pages.
If you do not find the SSR code in the list above.

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