How to void an E-Ticket in Amadeus – Amadeus Voidation Command

How to void an E-Ticket in Amadeus – You can void a registered, non-confirmed e-ticket or EMD from the retrieved PNR, from the query report or by entering the 10-digit document number.

How to void an E-Ticket in Amadeus

There are several restrictions on voiding an ETKT, these are:

  • Tickets that have been exchanged cannot be voided but must be refunded.
  • Tickets cannot be voided outside the BSP period (applicable to paper tickets as well)
  • Tickets are voided in the airline database only
  • Once a ticket is voided the process CANNOT be reversed or altered in any way


1- Retrieve the ticket display by using the TWD command. E.g. TWD/L10

If the ticket is not displayed the following error message will show.

2- Enter the void command TWX

This entry will void all coupons with the status “O” or “A”.
This entry will void the ETKT in the airline database and in the BSP report.

The FA element is moved to history upon receipt of confirmation from the airline that the ETKT coupons within the ETKT record have been voided.

A new FA element is created with the EV code replacing the ET entry.

The coupon status is updated to “V”

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