How to remove names from a group PNR in Amadeus

remove names from a group PNR in Amadeus: The element 0 (zero) in a group PNR denotes the number of unassigned names, while the element NM denotes the number of assigned names.

Remove names from a group PNR in Amadeus

For instance, there are 8 assigned names and 5 unassigned names totaling 13 booked passengers in this PNR. There are no postponements.

Enter transaction code XE, the unassigned name element 0 (zero), a dot (.), and the number of passengers you want to cancel to cancel unassigned names.

Enter, for instance, the following if you want to cancel two unassigned names:

Command: – XE0.2

XECancel transaction code
0.Unassigned name element, followed by a dot
2Number of unassigned names you want to remove

System response:

13 passengers have been booked in total for this group PNR, according to the BKD element. According to the CNL component, 2 passengers have been cancelled. The HN element reveals that there are currently just 11 passengers in the group.

Without affecting the number of seats reserved in the air segment, a passenger name can be deleted. The unassigned name counter rises while the individual name counter falls.

A name is deleted from the name element when it is deleted, and any associated OSI or SSR elements are also deleted automatically by the system.

Amadeus Quick Reference Guide | Amadeus GDS Commands

For instance, type the following to remove name element 7: Young/Gloria Ms:

Command:- 7G

7Name element you want to delete
GIndicator to delete without reducing space

System response:

Young/Gloria Ms.’s name is removed, as is the SSR CTCE, but the group’s reservation for 11 passengers—4 with no assigned names and 7 with them—remains.

Separate the element numbers of multiple name elements with a slash to remove them. Enter, for instance:

Command:- 2/4G

Separate the element numbers from a range of name elements with a dash to cancel them. Enter, for instance:

Command:- 4-6G

Enter HEGRPGPNAM for more information.

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