How to Reissue or Exchange a Ticket with Penalty II Amadeus Reissue Command

If you want to learn that How to Reissue or exchange a ticket with penalty or Amadeus Reissue Command, then you need to keep in mind some point before reissue the ticket and you have must follow the below steps.

Amadeus Reissue Command with Step by Step

Step 1:- First of All retrieve the Amadeus PNR.

Step 2:- Then follow the Display command for TST

Command :- TQT

Note – if you have more than 1 TST in same PNR then you need to add a Tx (Where X is the TST number) after the TQT, TTI, TTK, TTF entries.

Step 3: – Then you need to update new TST with new itinerary

Command:- TTU/Sx,x (Where x is the segment number from the PNR)

Step 4:- Now cancel the old segment XEx (where x is the segment number form the PNR )

Step 5:- Then update the TST for exchange or Amadeus PNR reissue

Command:- TTK/EXCH or TTI/EXCH

System Response:

Amadeus Reissue Command
Amadeus Reissue Command

  • The base fare field identifier of a public fare is changed from F to R and the base fare field of an unpublished fare is changed from I to Y and also Taxes are charged from X to O.
  • The total amount is set to Zero. The BSR is removed when /EXCH option is used as there is no more equivalent amount.
  • Now the form of payment line is also updated to indicate the original form of payment.

Step 6:- Now you need to update line no 3-4 in the TST. No stopover then no line 4, fare basis and baggage allowance.

Command :- TTK/L3-4X/BLLNOECO/A1PC

TTKTransaction Code
/L3-4XTST lines and no stopover on line 4
/BFare basis identifier
/ABaggage allowance identifier
1PCBaggage allowance

Step7 :- Update the TST with the Not valid after date

Command :- TTKVXX08JAN

TTKTransaction code
VNot valid before (NVB)/Not valid after (NVA) Field identifier
XXIndicates no date

System Response :-

Step 8:- Now update the fare with penalty fee and total amount.

Command :- TTK/X1520DU/T1520

TTKTransaction code
/XNew Tax indicator
1520Tax value
DUTax Code
/TTotal amount indicator
1520Total Amount Value

System Respons :-

Step 9 :- Remove the TST flag (PC):-

Command :- TTF

Step 10:- Now enter the original document details. Since there are more than one FA element in the PNR, the FA element must be specified with the line Number. For Example FO*L7

And since there are more than on passenger in the PNR, Enter the passenger association option /P and repeat your FO* Enter Every Passenger

Command :-FO*L10/P1

Press Enter, Than

Command :- FO*L11/P2

Press Enter.

FO Original issue indicatore
3367288584Ticket Number
E1First Flight coupon available to use
OSLCity of issuance
17nov20Original date of issue
/60490290Slash, 8-digit IATA number of the original ticketing office

System Response :-

Step 11:- Now update the form of payment : 17/+/CCVIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/1123/N1111

Form of payment can be added manually:-


Step 12:- Now issue the tickets. Since there are more than one passenger:

  • TTP/T1 /RT (Using TST)
  • TTP/P2 (Using passenger number)

System Response:-

This is the process of the ticket reissue. I hope through this article you have learned better How to reissue or exchange a ticket with Penalty and Amadeus Reissue Command. if you want to give us any suggestions please write in a comment. Thank you

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