How to reissue Amadeus Ticket with reissue fee-Amadeus Reissue Commands

Amadeus Reissue Commands

Amadeus Reissue Commands Steps

Step 1: – Create a PNR/Change PNR with the new flights

Step 2: –Price the new fare

Step 3: –Exchange the ticket

TTK/EXCH (If more than one TST enter : TTK/EXCH/Tx (x = where the TST number))

Step 4: –Update the TST

Not valid after TTK/VXXDDMM (DDMM = Date, Month)

All taxes number will be change to be O (old taxes paid), no need to be updated

add ticket reissue fee TTK/X1000OB/TTHB1000 (Reissuing fee THB1000 and totally add THB1000)

*Please confirm with the airline for reissuing ticket fee tax code

Step 5: –Go back to the PNR and enter the old form of payment and the new form of payment

FPO/ old payment +/ new payment exp: FPO/CASH+/CASH or FPO/NR+CASH+/CASH

Step 6: -FM must be presented in a TST (FM0 (ZERO) or FM0A)

Step 7: –Display Electronic Ticket Record enter: TWD or TWD/Lx (x = FA/FHE line number)

Step 8: –Enter the fare original issue

FO*Lx if more than one passenger enter FO*Lx/Py ( x = FA/FHE line number, y = passenger

Step 9: –Reissue the ticket with the passenger number

TTP/Px ( x = Passenger number)

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