How to issue an e-ticket Itinerary Receipt in Amadeus (ITR)

Issue an e-ticket Itinerary Receipt in Amadeus: The traveller receives thorough flight details and verifiable payment confirmation on the Amadeus e-ticket Itinerary Receipt (ITR). It may include details on the agency or airline, the method of payment, and general observations.

Issue an e-ticket Itinerary Receipt in Amadeus

Depending on your market, you can print an ITR when you issue an e-ticket or separately, up to 7 days after the issuance or for as long as it is operational.

To print ITRs, your office must be permitted to issue e-tickets.

  • Enter TTP/ITR in the command page to generate an e-ticket and print an ITR.

Note: When using the TTP entry, the ITR indicator in your office profile can be configured to print an ITR automatically. Please get in touch with Amadeus Customer Services to modify your office profile settings.

  • After you have issued the e-ticket, type ITR to print an ITR.

Note: Unless you choose a different printer address, Itinerary Receipts are printed on your workplace default printer.

  • By adding the /LP option to your entry and then the chosen language code, you can alter the system’s default language.

Enter, for instance:


Note: Depending on the market and the airline, other languages may be offered for ITRs. Type HE ITR > GPLAN to get a list of languages that are supported.

Amadeus Quick Reference Guide | Amadeus GDS Commands

When emailing documents, you can ignore some office-level parameters.

Use the RMZ/CONF* entry, followed by an option, to override office level settings.

Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents (ADTD) can employ any of the RMZ/CONF* entries.

Example of override entries:

RMZ/CONF*LANG:XXOverrides the default language (XX= Language code)
RMZ/CONF*FROM:AGENCY@MAIL.COMOverrides the default ‘From’ address
RMZ/CONF*RPLY:TRAVEL@MAIL.COMOverrides the default ‘Reply to’ address
RMZ/CONF*FORMAT:PDFGenerates a PDF document
RMZ/CONF*FORMAT:ICSGenerates an attachment. When clicking on the attachment, the receiver can update their calendar
RMZ/CONF*FORMAT:INFOGenerates an informative document
RMZ/CONF*NOFEEGenerates an ITR wit no fare information

Use the RMZ/material* entry, followed by an option, to add material to the ITR when transmitting by email.

RMZ/CONTENT*OFFERTo include offers information
RMZ/CONTENT*MINIRULESTo include all Mini Rules (if activated)
RMZ/CONTENT*MINIRULES:5,6,7To include specific Mini Rules elements (if activated)

Enter HE EML followed by GP EMD for more information.

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