How to display the Amadeus PNR history

Display the Amadeus PNR history: Each PNR built-in Amadeus contains historical data. The following details can be found in a PNR’s history

  • PNR creation steps
  • Added element information
  • Modifications
  • Cancellations  

Each end-of-transaction (EOT) entry results in a change to the PNR history.

Display the Amadeus PNR History

The only parts that aren’t added to the PNR history are the ARNK portions (Arrival unknown).

To get the complete PNR History:

Step – 1 Retrieve the PNR

Enter, for example:


RTPNR retrieval transaction code
S8XAHAPNR Record locator

Step – 2 Retrieve the full history. 

Enter, for example:


RHRetrieve full PNR history transaction code 

Amadeus Quick Reference Guide | Amadeus GDS Commands

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