How to display a list of Amadeus PNR on a queue

Amadeus PNRs on a queue: A list of PNRs that are currently in a particular queue can be seen in the Queue View list (QV) entry. PNRs that are going to be in a queue at a later time due to ticketing time restrictions or Option components won’t be visible.

Amadeus PNR on a queue

Enter the transaction code QV/ followed by the queue number and category (if applicable) to see a list of PNRs on a queue. For instance, type:


System Response:

QUEUE VIEWQueue List display name
MIAXXXXXXOffice ID where PNRs reside
Q40Queue number
C40Category number
5)Number of PNRs on queue
5Number of PNRs you have permission to view
FOUND ON 5 SCANNEDTotal number of PNRs scanned
NO.Line number
NAMESurname of first passenger. For groups PNRs, ‘GROUP’ is used.
RLOCRecord locator
PROVIDERIf air segment, airline code, flight number, and class of service
———- = past date
CAR = car segment
HHL = hotel segment
CRU = cruise segment
TTO = tour
MIS = miscellaneous
DATEDate of the next active segment
BRDOrigin city
OFFDestination city
STSegment status code
SIGN/Sign of agent who placed the PNR on queue
OIDOffice ID that placed the PNR on queue
PLACEDDate the PNR was placed on queue

If the list contains more than 18 PNRs, you can scroll using common scrolling entries like MD or MB. No matter how many PNRs are in the queue, you may only display a maximum of 500 at a time. Use the sort options to condense the list if there are more than 500 PNRs in a queue.

The category linked to your QCT sign property is used by default if no category or date range is specified. For dual queues, the default date range is 1, and for signs without a category connected with it, the default is category 0.

Your entry may contain a category and a time frame. Here are a few instances:

QV/8C40View a list of PNRs on Queue 8 Category 40
QV/8C40D2View a list of PNRs on Queue 8 Category 40 date range 2

Amadeus Search and Sort Options

By including search and sort parameters in your entry, you can modify the presentation. For instance, type the following to look up all PNRs with a ticketing date of October 14 in Queue 40, Category 40:

Command : QV/40C40-TK(14OCT)

System response:

Q40Queue searched
C40Category searched
5)Number of PNRs on queue
4FOUND ON Number of PNRs found matching criteria
5SCANNED Total number of PNRs scanned

You can use up to 5 of the following search options in one entry:

SISI(CO)Queue Placing Agent Sign
ANAN(12564554)Account Number
CDCD(4OCT,15OCT-18OCT)Creation Date
TKTK(14OCT,12NOV-14NOV)Ticketing Date
DDDD(15JUL,15OCT-20OCT)Departure Date
ACAC(6X,7X)Airline Code
FNFN(6X0994,7X0500-7X0599)Flight Number or range
BPBP(MIA,CLT)Boarding Point
SCSC(HK,TK,HN)Segment Status Code
CSCS(Y,Q,B)Class of Service

Note : When combining choices, the PNR must satisfy all requirements.

Amadeus Quick Reference Guide | Amadeus GDS Commands

Use the sort option (/S-) and the criteria code enclosed in parentheses to change the order in which PNRs are displayed on the list. For instance, input the following information to show a list of PNRs on Queue 40, Category 40, and sort them by departure date:


System response:

To further organize a list, you can combine options. For example, to request a list of PNRs on Queue 40, Category 40 with departure dates between Jun 10 and Oct 31 and sort them by creation date and airline code, enter:


Your entry may contain up to 3 sort criteria. With the exception of AN (account number), you can sort using any of the search criterion codes.

Displaying Amadeus PNRs from the Queue View List

Enter the transaction code QV followed by the line number to display a PNR from the queue list without going into queue mode. For instance, type the following to show the PNR on line 4:


Enter: to get back to the list.


By entering: You may also see the PNR and take it out of line.


Moving Amadeus PNRs from the Queue View List

Use transaction code QVM and one of the options listed below to transfer PNRs from the list that is being presented to another queue:

QVM/30C40Moves all PNRs from the displayed list to Queue 30, Category 40
QVM1-5,10-15/30C42Moves PNRs on lines 1 through 5 and lines 10 through 15 to Queue 30, Category 42
QVM1-5/MIA1S2150/30C40Moves PNRs on lines 1 through 5 to Queue 30, Category 40 in office ID MIAXXXXXX

Removing Amadeus PNRs from the Queue View List

Using the transaction code QVX and one of the options listed below, you can delete PNRs from the list that is being displayed:

QVX10Removes the PNR on line 10 from the queue
QVX10,12Removes the PNRs on lines 10 and 12 from the queue
QVX10-12Removes the PNRs on lines 10 through 12 from the queue
QVXALLInitiates the removal of all PNRs from the queue
(you must repeat the format to confirm the transaction)

See HE QV for more information.

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