How to create PNR on SABRE with Passengers details

How to create PNR on SABRE” This lesson provides an overview of the Passenger Name Record (PNR) mandatory fields. Hands-on practice incorporates the creation of PNRs containing the mandatory fields and other supplementary data, such as ticketing information, client billing, and delivery information. Practice also includes how to display and modify parts of a PNR. “How to create PNR on SABRE

Create PNR in Sabre

Step :- 1 Availability search

‡ – This is a Cross of Lorraine

125OCTLHRDXB‡BA – General Search for 25 October LHR/DXB with BA

How to create PNR on SABRE with Passengers details
How to create PNR on SABRE with Passengers details

A. Airline code & flight number
B. Booking class & number of seats available
C. Route departure
D. Departure and arrival times
E. Aircraft

Availability options

113NOVLHRDXB‡BA//YB – Availability search for Economy classes
113NOVLHRDXB‡BA//SB – Availability search for Premium economy
113NOVLHRDXB‡BA//BB – Availability search for Business classes
113NOVLHRDXB‡BA//FB – Availability search for First class

Return Availability.

1R10NOV – This will search your return flight for you all you need to do is specify the date.

Availability Scrolling

MD – Move Down

1*C – Display more

1*R – Redisplay last availability

1*OA – Redisplay original availability searched

Step:- 2 Selecting seats

Direct flights

02Y1 – Sell Seat 2 in Y from Line 1

Connecting flights

02Y1Y2 – Sell 2 Seats in Y class on line 1 and Y class on line 2

Response will show as below;

A. Flight number
B. Cabin class selected.
C. Date & routing
D. Number of seats
E. Departure time
F. Arrival time

Add in return and your itinerary will show as below;

Creating a PNR on Sabre (Passenger Name Record/Booking)

To be able to issue via Lime GDS ticketing, the bookings must contain the below 7 elements. If any of
these elements are missed the website will be unable to issue the tickets.

  1. Itinerary
  2. Names of passengers
  3. Contacts – Phone Field
  4. Ticketing Field
  5. Secure flight data
  6. OSI Remark
  7. Received from Field
Step:- 3 How to enter passenger’s names in Sabre PNR

Each passenger’s name must be added separately.
Example below:



Infant without Seat -I/JONES/JENNY MISSDOB29MAY04


3INFT/(infant’s last name)/(infant’s first name)/(date of birth)-(adult’s name field)

The passenger designator needs to be added. You can do this with the below entry:

Example – PDTITX-1.1 PDT(code)-(Passenger)

Response will show as below;

Step:- 4 Contacts

901244-687-965-T – To add your contact details into the booking
PE‡EMAIL ADDRESS‡ – To add your email address into the bookin

Step:- 5 Ticket deadline

7TAW10SEP/ or 7T- – Please match this to the deadline given online(CAT35)/as per contract

Secure flight data
This must be added for each passengers.


F – Female
FI – Female Infant
M – Male
MI – Male Infant

  • The infant SSR is added against the adult’s passenger number however you need to use the above indicators.

F – Female
FI – Female Infant
M – Male
MI – Male Infant

OSI remarks (mandatory for each IT booking)

All bookings



Step:- Received from Field

Reference/Received from – 6 & then your initials or name e.g. 6BP

ER – End and retrieve

we strongly recommend you should check fare rules and restrictions, including applicable ticketing time limits, as it is your responsibility to make sure these are met.

If the OSI remark is not added into the PNR at the time of creation, we are not liable for earlier ticketing deadlines or booking cancellations.

PNRs with a missed ticketing time limit will not be accepted for ticketing.

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