How to claim a PNR in Amadeus?

Claim a PNR in Amadeus: If the prerequisites are satisfied, you can assume ownership of PNRs that were produced and booked in a different office or airline system using the PNR claim function.

  • The airline and Amadeus have a contract allowing PNRs to be claimed.
  • You may claim the PNR in accordance with any relevant Amadeus Extended Ownership Agreement (EOS) or Extended Security Agreement (ES).

Claim a PNR in Amadeus

Enter, for instance: To find out if the airline permits you to claim a PNR.

To check if the airline allows you to claim a PNR, enter, for example:
GGPCADL (DL = airline code)

System response:

Note: If the PNR CLAIM field is empty, no PNR claims are permitted by the airline.

Step 1: To claim a PNR, enter, for example: RODLABC123

ROTransaction code to claim a PNR
DLAirline code
ABC123Airline PNR record locator

Additionally, you can request a PNR by flight number, date, and name. Enter, for instance:


AA1990Flight number
/08NOVSlash, followed by travel date
YYZSEACity pairs
-WALLACEDash, followed by the passenger’s last name

Note: The PNR is shown in its first layout. The airline is still in charge of the PNR at this time.

Amadeus Quick Reference Guide | Amadeus GDS Commands

Step 2: With ER or ET, finish the transaction.

This converts the airline’s PNR into an Amadeus PNR and gives your office control over the PNR.

Step 3: You can make the necessary adjustments after claiming the PNR.

For further details, type HE RO.

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