Amadeus Residual value exchange to MCO (Netting allowed)

Amadeus Ticket Changer reissue can process the residual value by netting the penalty for those airlines that file fares with this scenario within the fare rules in ATPCO Category 31, Voluntary Changes.

With this reissue process, Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue ensures the correct processing for a residual value, whereby the penalty is paid using the residual value, and the net amount is applied to a Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO).

To exchange a ticket where netting is allowed by the airline:

  1. Display the original PNR.
Amadeus Residual value exchange to MCO

2. Update the PNR.

In this example, the return flight is canceled.

3. Enter FXQ to re-price the new itinerary.

In this example, the residual value is $267.10, the airline authorizes the penalty of $200.00 to be paid using the residual amount. The net refund to the traveler is $67.10 issued as an MCO for future travel.

Amadeus Ticket Changer creates the PNR FO line showing a residual net amount of $67.10

4. Enter TTP/EXCH/RT to issue the exchange ticket and redisplay the PNR.

5. Ignore and retrieve the PNR (IR) and enter TTM/EXCH to issue the MCO.

TSM created at reissuance:

PNR is updated with exchange elements:

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