Amadeus Reissue Command a Partially used Ticket at a Lower Fare

A passenger purchased a round-trip ticket in economy class from New York (JFK) to London (LHR) for the dates of July 27 to August 4, and returning to New York (JFK). The ticket was issued and sold in Miami.

Amadeus Reissue Command a Partially used Ticket

The passenger asks to change his return flight to New York (JFK) to depart a day later on August 5th After you re-priced the new itinerary, the System offers you a lower fare but with a $150 penalty. He is still due a refund (residual value) of the difference between the two fares. The reissuing agent is located in Miami.

To reissue a partially used ticket with a residual value:

  1. Display the original PNR.

2. Cancel the old flight segment.

Note: The old TST is automatically deleted.

3. Book the new flights.

4. Enter FXQ/Sx (where x is the segment number) to re-price the new itinerary as booked..

5. Enter RT to redisplay the PNR.

The new PNR contains the FO line, the new RIA entries, and the MCO:

Note: Amadeus Ticket Changer automatically deletes the existing form of payment (FP) and creates the exchange form of payment (FPO) using the information contained in the original FP. Ticket Changer assumes the new form of payment will be the same as the original. You must manually create a new one only if it is different from the original FP.

6. Receive the PNR (RF).

7. Enter TTP/EXCH/P1/S3 to issue the new ticket.

Note: Amadeus Ticket Changer best pricer (FXE or FXO) is available for infant passengers though
specific INF passenger selection is not allowed.

You must also issue the new MCO.

8. Enter RT to redisplay the PNR.

9. Enter TTM/EXCH to issue the MCO.

Note: Your commission (FM) is automatically updated whenever you use a confirmed pricing
entry (FXO or FXQ) and when there is a pre-existing FM line in the PNR.

The exchange is complete.

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