Amadeus Reissue an unused ticket at a higher fare

A passenger wants to change his trip, which was originally from Miami (MIA) to Madrid (MAD) in
economy class, to go to Rome (ROM) in business class instead.

Amadeus Reissue Command for Additional collection

With the new itinerary and class, the fare is higher, and the passenger is required to pay the

  1. Display the original PNR.

2. To reissue this ticket with an additional collection, cancel the old flight segments.

Note: The old TST is automatically deleted.

3. Book the new flights.

4. Enter FXQ to re-price the new itinerary as booked with Amadeus Ticket Changer Best Pricer
confirmed pricing

Ticket Changer automatically creates the new TST and form of payment.

5. Enter RT to redisplay the PNR.

The new PNR contains the FO line and the new RIA entries. A notification advises you that a
ticket reissue is required.

Note: Amadeus Ticket Changer automatically deletes the existing form of payment (FP) and creates the exchange form of payment (FPO) using the information contained in the original FP. Ticket Changer assumes the new form of payment will be the same as the original. You must manually create a new one only if it is different from the original FP.

6. Receive the PNR (RF).

7. Enter TTP/EXCH/P1 to issue the new ticket.

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