Amadeus PNR History Codes

Amadeus PNR History Codes: The list of PNR history codes for each action taken in a PNR is described in this article.

The history codes are highlighted in the following figure, which is an example of a PNR history:

Amadeus PNR History Codes for PNR Creation

EOOriginal ETR
FOOriginal financial element
KOOriginal general (RM) or confidential remark (RC)
MOOriginal MCO
OBOriginal billing address (AB)
ODOriginal mailing address (AM)
OEOriginal security (ES)
OFOriginal fare
OIOriginal Amadeus insurance
OKOriginal keyword (SK)
OMOriginal segments marriage
ONOriginal name (NM)
OOOriginal OSI
OPOriginal phone (AP)
OQOriginal option (OP)
OROriginal SSR
OSOriginal flight segment
OTOriginal ticketing arrangement (TK)
OYOriginal total price
QOOriginal address verification
ROOriginal reservation number
TOOriginal attachment

Amadeus History codes for Added Elements

ABAdded billing address
AEAdded individual security
AFAdded fare
AIAdded Amadeus insurance
AKAdded special keyword
AMAdded mailing address
ANAdded name element, passenger type code or identification
AOAdded option
APAdded phone
AQAdded address verification
ARAdded general or confidential remark
ASAdded element containing status code (except SSR)
ATAdded ticketing arrangement
AYAdded Amadeus insurance total price
FAAdded financial item
GMAdded marriage
MAAdded miscellaneous service charge (MCO)
RAAdded reservation number
TAAdded attachment

Amadeus History Codes for Changes

CBChanged billing address
CEChanged individual security
CFChanged fare
CMChanged mailing address
CNChanged name element, passenger type code or identification
COChanged option
CPChanged contact
CQChanged address verification
CRChanged remark
CSChanged status code
CTChanged ticketing arrangement
CWChanged waitlist priority
CYChanged Amadeus insurance total price
ECChanged ETR
FCChanged financial item element
OCChanged OSI
RPChanged responsible office

Amadeus History codes for Cancellations or Deletions
EXCancelled ETR
FXCancelled financial item
MXCancelled MCO
OXCancelled OSI
RXCancelled reservation number
SXCancelled SSR
TXCancelled attachment
XBCancelled billing address
XECancelled individual security
XFCancelled fare
XICancelled Amadeus insurance
XKCancelled special keyword
XMCancelled mailing address
XNCancelled name
XOCancelled option
XPCancelled phone
XQCancelled address verification
XRCancelled general or confidential remark
XSCancelled element containing status code (except SSR)
XTCancelled ticketing arrangement
XYCancelled Amadeus insurance total price
DLDeleted element
DMDeleted segment marriage

Other Amadeus PNR History Codes
ISIncrease number in party
MCModified MCO element or XSB segment
NTNames transmitted (groups only)
QAQueue placement – automatic
QUQueue update
RFReceived from
RRReplication of the PNR (RRA)
SPPNR split
SRRejected SSR
TCFlight time change

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For more information, enter HE RH in the command page.

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