Airlines SSR Codes – Special Service Request Codes

Airlines SSR Codes – When a traveler requests special assistance, the airline codes that into their ticket record using a special service request code, or SSR. These codes allow airlines to easily keep track of assistance requests and assign staff accordingly.

Airlines SSR Codes

It is important that the correct code(s) be placed in your record to ensure that the assistance provided is appropriate and timely. The tables below identify and define the types of assistance and SSR codes of interest to air travelers with disabilities.

SSR CodeDescription
BLNDPassenger is blind or has reduced vision.
BIKEBicycle in hold, specify number (see below)
BIKEBassinet/carrycot/baby basket
BULKBulky baggage (specify number, weight and dimensions)
DEAFPassenger is deaf or hard of hearing.
DPNADisabled Passenger with Intellectual or Developmental Disability Needing Assistance
DEPADeportee, accompanied by an escort
DEPUDeportee, unaccompanied
DOCAAdvance Passenger Information System (APIS) address details
DOCOAdvance Passenger Information System (APIS) visa
DOCSAdvance Passenger Information System (APIS) passport or identity card
CBBGCabin baggage requiring seats (specify number, weight and size)
CLIDCorporate client code used by all GDSs
COURCommercial courier (specify weight and courier company)
CRUZCruise passenger
ESANPassenger is traveling with an emotional support animal.
EXSTPassenger requires an extra seat due to body size.
EPAYElectronic payment for ticketless carriers
FOIDForm of ID
FQTRFrequent Flyer mileage program redemption
FQTSFrequent Flyer service request
FQTUFrequent Flyer upgrade and accrual
FQTVFrequent Flyer mileage program accrual
FRAGFragile baggage (specify number, weight and dimension)
FRAVFirst available
GPSTGroup seat request (specify number and preferred location)
GRPFGroup fare (specify fare code)
GRPSPassengers traveling together using a common identity
LANGLanguages spoken
MAASMeet-and-assist. Used by some airlines to identify passengers with intellectual disabilities.
MEDAMedical case. Used by some airlines to identify passengers needing oxygen.
NSSANon smoking aisle seat
NSSBNon smoking bulkhead seat
NSSTNon smoking seat (seat number may be included)
NSSWNon smoking window seat
OXYGPassenger will require oxygen.
OTHSOther service not specified by any other SSR code
PETCPassenger is traveling with a pet in cabin.
PNUTPassenger is allergic to peanut dust.
PPOCPassenger is traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator.
PCTCEmergency contact details for passenger
PICAPassenger in custody, accompanied
PICUPassenger in custody, unaccompanied
RQSTSeat request (include seat number or preference)
STCHPassenger is traveling on a stretcher.
SVANPassenger is traveling with a service animal.
SEATPre-reserved seat with boarding pass issued or to be issued
SEMNSeaman – ship’s crew
SLPRBed/berth in cabin
SMSASmoking aisle seat
SMSBSmoking bulkhead seat
SMSTSmoking seat (specific seat number may be included)
SMSWSmoking window seat
SPEQSports equipment
STCRStretcher passenger
TKTLTicketing time limit (automatically generated);
TWOVTransit or transfer without visa
UMNRUnaccompanied minor (specify age)
WCBDWheelchair – dry cell battery
WCBWWheelchair – wet cell battery
WCHCWheelchair – all the way to seat
WCHRWheelchair – for ramp
WCHSWheelchair – up and down steps
WCMPWheelchair – manual power (US carriers only)
WCOBWheelchair – on board
XBAGExcess baggage (specify number, weight and dimensions)
WEAPWeapons, firearms or ammunition carried as checked baggage

The following SSR codes address other disability-related assistance needs, and may be used in conjunction with the wheelchair assistance codes. This list is not exhaustive. Passengers requiring any of these services should insist that the air carrier notate their ticket record with the relevant SSR codes.

Passengers should call and have the relevant SSR codes added to the ticket record at the time of booking or soon thereafter. Advance notice allows airlines and airport contractors to better manage and assign the staff who provide wheelchair and other assistance at the airport.

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